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5 Awesome LeapFrog Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for hunting for the perfect holiday gift. The gift that will bring a smile to your recipient's face and a little joy to their life.

Kids gifts are my very favorites to shop for. There is something special about picking out a gift for a child, wrapping it up with a bow and watching their face light up when they open it. We’ve been testing out almost a dozen LeapFrog®toys this season and today, I’m rounding up our five favorites for gifting!

The toy options are endless these days, but as a mom of three, I have really honed in on what makes a great gift.
Here’s some of the criteria I use when hunting for that perfect gift:


With a 5-year age gap between my oldest and my youngest, a toy that they are both going to be able to enjoy earns a huge thumbs up from me! Reading the age ranges on different toys makes it easy to see what may be a hit with all my kiddos.

Educational Components

I love finding toys that secretly (or not so secretly) help my children learn. It is similar to the whole hiding vegetables in macaroni and cheese concept, where our kids think they are playing and having fun, but they are also learning at the same time.

Entertainment Value

For a toy to be a hit in our home, it has to keep my little one’s attention for some amount of time. Having interactive components and different options for use are a couple of ways to guarantee a toy is a hit!

With this criteria in mind, my kids tested out almost a dozen LeapFrog® toys and here were their favorites!

This cute and cuddly puppy looks like a traditional stuffed animal---but it is so much more! Our whole family was in giggles with the repeat feature on this puppy! You can click the button on its collar and say something to it, and when you let go of the button--it repeats what you just said. It also has other buttons on its paws that play songs, share animal facts, and help your little ones learn letters and numbers. It’s great for toddlers--especially those just learning to talk.

This wooden toy tablet is not only eye-catching, but also a fun toy to introduce nature to our kids. It helps with learning ABCs and counting through the different animal buttons. It has nine different interactive activities that help keep your little one’s attention as he or she plays and explores.

As a family who loves to travel, the LeapFrog® Magic Adventures Globe™ has all of us excited! Not only is it a traditional globe that spins and has all the countries outlined, but it comes with a magical stylus that allows you to tap different countries to learn about them. It has over 5 hours of BBC video clips about different countries that will play when tapped with the stylus. It also comes with built in games that you can play by yourself or with a friend. There are even additional adventure packs you can download from the LeapFrog® App Center if there is a topic your family is interested in. We downloaded the food one!

Learning to read is such a monumental moment of childhood! The LeapFrog® LeapReader® Learn-to-Read 10-Book Mega Pack™ is a neat gift to give to those early readers. My 4-year-old and 6-year-old both love it. It comes with a LeapReader® stylus that when touched to the book icons, will read the stories aloud. There are different modes where you can use the stylus to tap a word, and have it sounded out for you or tap a word and have it spelled. It has been a great addition to quiet time in our home and would make for a fun gift for ages 4-8.

During the holiday season, we often spend quite a bit of time on the move. The LeapFrog® On-the-Go Story Pal™ is a great gift for anyone who may be traveling this year. This little rabbit includes over 70 stories, songs and poems that can be played with the tap of a button. One of my favorite features is the ability to record 10 minutes of your voice reading your child’s favorite story. This is such a fun way for loved ones who may not live nearby to feel a little closer. The simple buttons make it easy for kids to navigate. We have loved using this in the car and on those nights when my little ones have had trouble falling asleep.

I hope this list helps you with your holiday shopping this year! Remember, look for that special gift that will bring a little extra fun to a child’s home and it is sure to be a hit.

Mandy Roberson is a certified childbirth educator, mom of 3 and founder of Momma Society--the community for modern moms. She loves holidays and making memories with her children. In her free time, you will find her crafting and creating fun printables for Magic Playbook--a monthly digital subscription for moms.


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