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Blue's Clues & You!™ Party Ideas

Blue's Clues & You!™ has been around long enough to acquire so many fans both young and old. It makes sense that kids would be asking for Blue's Clues & You!™ themed parties and if they're not, they will love being surprised with one. On that note, here are some really easy Blue's Clues & You!™ inspired party foods and fun party activities to help you start planning your own fun festivities at home.

Keeping LeapFrog’s Blue's Clues & You!™ toys at the center of your plans will help it to be a huge success! Let me show you how they make for the perfect gifts and party activities, too.

Are you ready to treat your little ones to the best Blue's Clues & You!™ party? Here are the perfect thought-starters!

Blue's Clues & You!™ Theme Party Ideas

When it comes to hosting parties, I am all about keeping things low stress. My strategy is to focus on things in threes. Let me explain. For food, I focus on three strongly themed foods and the rest can be more generic. Think traditional party fare. I plan for up to three activities that way there will be something for everyone. This concept can also be applied to other aspects of party planning such as party favors or the amount of main colors you will include for party supplies. In this case, blue and white polka dots are pretty much everything. Then, for just a little variety, I added in very small pops of other popular pastel colors.

Blue's Clues & You!™ Party Food

One of the very best parts of any party is the food. For our Blue's Clues & You!™ themed foods, check out these super simple ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Choosing three very cute Blue's Clues & You!™ inspired foods are key and then fill in the rest with party basics like chips or pizza if you're hoping to serve a whole meal. Whatever is cost-effective and fits your plans.

Blue's Clues & You!™ Gelatin - These adorable treats could not be easier to make. Purchase your choice of blue gelatin individual snack packs and decorate! Use blue foam sheets to make circles in a variety of sizes. To complete the look, trace the top of the cups onto the foam sheets and cut them out. Attach the circles and topper with a non-toxic adhesive such as tape or glue dots.

Blue's Clues & You!™ Inspired Popcorn - Every kid loves popcorn, so this is a no-brainer. Easily turn it into Blue's Clues & You!™ popcorn by finding an easy recipe for tinting a bag of microwave popcorn. Generally, the popcorn is made sweet by the process, so it’s absolutely perfect for special occasions.

Blue's Clues & You!™ Cupcakes - I'm sure almost every local grocer offers themed cakes at this point, but I wanted to do something new for this. When it comes to smaller kids, individual cupcakes make for a simple serving idea with minimal mess.

Enter, very simple blue cupcakes topped with dog bone sprinkles. It’s so easy to tint a box of cake mix using gel food coloring to achieve your favorite shade of blue. Choose blue cupcake liners or blue polka-dot liners and a combination of blue and white frostings for a fun look. Top with a cute edible dog bone and you're good to go.

Blue's Clues & You!™ Party Activities

Looking for the best Blue's Clues & You!™ party activities? I have some fun and simple ideas just for you. Here is a great time to introduce you to some of the LeapFrog products that kids will love.

For the little ones, the LeapFrog® Blue’s Clues & You!™ Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook is a fun interactive pretend smartphone that looks just like Josh’s real Handy Dandy Notebook. With 11 light-up app icons, toddlers and preschoolers will be introduced to topics from colors to health.

Another fun idea is to set out a couple of the LeapFrog® Blue’s Clues & You!™ Clue Into Words on the party table for the kids to take turns with. Kids will be able to explore things in and around Josh and Blue’s home. They can look for Blue's paw prints throughout the pages to find clues to lead their exploration. This is such a great way to encourage learning through fun activities. The fun sound effects and music make this the perfect interactive activity.

Blue's Clues & You!™ Party Painting - For another fun party activity, have kids paint and decorate wooden bones. Be sure to choose washable paint for easy clean up. Purchase unfinished wooden dog bones and simply set out paints and paint brushes and let the fun happen. Be sure to choose a safe place for kids to get a little messy.

Blue’s Clues & You!™ Party Favor Ideas

I love the idea of mini favor boxes for this. I found the cutest small pink polka-dot treat boxes to fill. There are some simple favor ideas to fill them with below. Again, think of things in threes to simplify your to-do lists.

• Paw print stamps

• Bubbles

• Blue candies and lollipops

If you're looking for a more substantial parting gift, you can check out some of LeapFrog®’s Blue's Clues & You!™products including the LeapFrog® Blue’s Clues & You!™ Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook and the adorable and very entertaining Blue’s Clues & You!™ Blue or Magenta Learning Watch. These adorable watches introduce the concept of time to little ones with fun interactions. Either of these goodies would make for the perfect goody bag inclusion.

Blue’s Clues & You!™ Birthday Gifts

To make birthday celebrations even more memorable, there are some really great LeapFrog options. Aside from all of the must-haves that I mentioned already, one of the coolest is the LeapFrog® Blue’s Clues & You!™ Play & Learn Thinking Chair!

Bring the show to life right at home with this realistic chair. Kids can play and learn all from the comfort of this fun chair. They can find clues and listen to sounds and explore all that the chair has to offer. You can even remove the cushion to reveal more fun and a storage area. The mailbox is removable and can be used as a drink holder. So cute.

Hope that these ideas helped you get your party planning started!

When it comes to hosting a Blue's Clues & You!™ party, these ideas and toys are guaranteed to bring on the smiles.

Dawn Lopez provides resources that are practical with a touch of whimsy for busy families, women & moms on her blog She’s been sharing easy to prepare recipes, crafty diys and adorable party ideas for the past 10 years. Dawn was a 2019 IRIS Awards Nominee for Photography and was awarded Favorite Food Blogger in the 2019 Sunshine Blog Awards.


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