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Educational Gifts for Kids

Why I Ask for Educational Gifts for My Kids

If you’re buying a gift for my kids this season, all I ask is: make it educational. Educational gifts keep my preschoolers engaged for so long while also feeding their hunger for mental stimulation. You don’t have to think twice about the gift fitting because LeapFrog® makes toys, perfect for every stage of development. These educational toys from LeapFrog® are so fun! They will capture your child’s attention and imagination while also helping him or her learn at the same time.

Are you a fan of LeapFrog® too? I’m thrilled to be partnering with LeapFrog® to introduce some of their best products.

I received these products to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Some of The Best Educational Gifts for Kids

Whether you are buying gifts for a holiday, a birthday, a reward, or a surprise, all kids love getting new toys. As a mom, if I’m going to give them a toy, I’m going to make sure there is something educational about it.

These LeapFrog® toys help children learn important life lessons and develop critical skills that they will use in school. I’m going to share my favorite toys (and the ones my kids love too!).

This toy is made for kids ages 2-5 years old and my 4-year-old is OBSESSED!

This cute little ice cream cart encourages imaginative play. Kids can create pretend ice cream cones that look fun and tasty! They can even add a variety of different flavors and toppings.

It teaches color recognition as the magic scooper identifies the colors and flavors that they use.

That’s just the beginning. The imagination continues as kids can push the cart around the house and ring up orders with the cash register. My son’s been serving us ice cream all day and he was so excited when we counted out the change to pay him. We used it as an opportunity to teach him names of coins and how to count.

It also comes with an order card that has instructions for building treats for six animal customers - ranging from easy to hard. This teaches kids how to follow instructions - a critical skill they will use over and over in life.

The cart comes with the following “flavors” and toppings:

● Flavors: Yellow Vanilla, Brown Chocolate, Pink Strawberry, Green Mint

● Toppings: Orange Sprinkles, Red Cherry Sauce, White Whipped Cream

● Syrup Flavors: Blue Blueberry, Golden Caramel, Purple Grape

This toy is best for children ages 3 – 7 years old.

If you are looking for a fun way to teach letter recognition and to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten, this is the perfect toy. We’re currently homeschooling and this is a great gift to help teach our son how to write letters, numbers, and more. There are 6 activities that introduce writing, drawing, and spelling with the help of Mr. Pencil.

Kids will love this toy because it uses a stylus and a touch screen to learn stroke order and trace both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Avoid the frustration of trying to teach kids how to draw and write, and just let them explore it with this toy.

This is best for kids ages 3 – 6 years old.

If you are going to give your kids the Scribble and WriteTM, you should give them the LeapFrog® Mr. Pencil’s ABC BackpackTM to go along with it.

It teaches the same basic concepts as the Scribble and WriteTM - but this comes with 26 letters that pop out of the toy and you can use them for word games on a table.

Perhaps the best thing about this is that it all comes with a backpack. Kiddos can put everything in it and take it with them.

This LeapFrog® Magic Adventures GlobeTM is best for ages 5 – 7 years old. There’s a great opportunity to introduce geography to your kindergarteners with this fun globe! We love to travel and this globe will help us prepare for our next adventure. The LeapFrog® Magic Adventures GlobeTM has now become a major part of our at home classroom. As my oldest continues to grow, we’ll have opportunities to gradually explore the world from his bedroom.

You use the stylus to tap on any country on the interactive globe and thanks to the more than 600 videos from the BBC, they’ll learn about new places and languages.

Educational Gifts Are Best for Kids and Parents

As a mom of 2 preschoolers, it makes me feel so happy to give and receive the gift of learning. You don’t have to choose fun games or educational games. It’s all in one with the LeapFrog® products on this list.

Onyi Azih is a Psychiatric Physician Assistant and Content Creator behind She writes about motherhood, wellness and lifestyle while raising two preschool aged boys in Houston, Texas.

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