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Hop into learning this Easter with LeapFrog!

As parents, we often struggle to balance giving our children what they want with what we believe is best for their development. This Easter, fill their baskets with gifts that do both!

With unique gift ideas that teach words, shapes, numbers, colors, and more while they play with video games and interactive books, your child will have so much fun that they won’t even notice they are learning!

I was able to try out some amazing toys from LeapFrog and I can’t wait to share these entertaining and educational Easter gift ideas with you!

LeapFrog® 100 Animals Book™ - (ages 18+ months)

This interactive book features six pages of animals from 12 different habitats. You and your child can listen to the “oink” of a pig, learn that a baby pig is called a piglet, and identify the animal’s name in both English and Spanish by touching the colorful pictures on each page. The book includes 100 different animals, three different leaning songs, two volume levels, and a mode for both English and Spanish languages. The durable material and easy wipe-off pages are perfect for little hands ages 18 month and up!

There are so many ways to learn with this interactive word book about places your child visits! You will find 12 different places to explore over six pages including 100 words on touch-sensitive locations in the book. Use the three different modes to learn Words, Colors & Counting, and Fun Sounds such as the scratch of a pencil in school or the shake of salt & pepper in a restaurant. Your child can start building his or her vocabulary in both English and Spanish while learning colors and counting too! This is a great learning tool that will fit perfectly in nearly any Easter basket!

I really love that this book makes learning words a hands-on experience with the interactive pages. Children can touch 100 different colorful pictures to identify words that are part of their everyday lives and learn colors in both English and Spanish. The light-up star button plays two adorable songs, and you can use each of the three modes to learn exciting facts, hear fun sound effects, and listen to the sound of each word. I even use the Words mode with my kindergartener to help beginning word identification as we prepare to start reading. As a parent, I love gifts that can grow with my child!

LeapFrog® LeapLand Adventures™ - (ages 3+ years old)

Even my older kids were asking for a turn with this amusing and interactive learning video game! I love the idea that my child thinks he is playing a video game like the “big kids” while he learns letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The game explains every step in an age-appropriate way and allows the child to create his or her own profile and pick the character to portray. The system was super easy to set up with no web connection, downloads, or account setup required, just plug-in and play!

The game follows an engaging story that invites your child to go on a quest looking for keys to Clever Castle so the LeapLanders can celebrate the Gem Festival! The self-paced, educational content directs players to collect gems (my son was cheering when he reached 100 gems!), flags, cleverberries, and treasure chest rewards. It really felt like a actual video game and I had a blast cheering my son on as he encountered learning opportunities while he played (there are 150+ learning items in the Learning Center!). You can create up to five profiles, save your progress, and replay again and again to collect more items. I bet the LeapFrog® LeapLand Adventures™ game will be the first thing your child pulls out of his or her basket this Easter to start playing!

My children have truly grown up on the awesome learning toys from LeapFrog®. I can always find products that are engaging, fun, and teach age-appropriate lessons and skills. I feel confident filling my kids’ Easter baskets with LeapFrog® products because I know I will love watching them learn and grow with the toys just as much as the kids love playing with them!

Tara is a mom and the author of the blog Living In Happy Place. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and spent many years in the medical and corporate worlds before deciding to share her love of motherhood with other moms through her blog.


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