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How to Teach Basic Preschool Skills

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or just trying to give your little one the best start in life, there’s a variety of things to consider before getting started, including what approach and tools to use.

I highly recommend the LeapStart® Preschool Success interactive learning system as it can help your child learn a wide variety of basic preschool skills, including numbers, shapes, colors, and more. It perfectly blends together basic preschool skills and life skills in a way that is fun, engaging, and effective. It’s a great way to introduce your preschooler to new concepts but is also fantastic for giving him or her a fun way to practice.

Plus, the LeapStart® Library is built to grow with children. They can start off with Level 1, which focuses on the basics. Once they’ve mastered those skills, they can move on to phonics, writing, counting, and critical thinking and then they can graduate up to Level 3, which covers school skills like math, reading, logic, and reasoning.

Another great thing about the LeapStart® Preschool Success is that it’s a great way to keep little ones engaged while you’re homeschooling their older siblings. Everyone wins!

I’m excited to share a few practical tips on how to teach basic preschools skills and how you can incorporate the LeapStart® Preschool Success into your little one’s learning routine.

Make it Fun

Learning can (and should) be enjoyable - especially at this age. While I must admit that there are some subjects that I do not always enjoy, I do believe that sometimes it’s HOW you learn or teach a subject that makes all the difference. Think back to your school experience. Was there a teacher (or parent, if you were homeschooled) who made a subject you normally didn’t enjoy seem more fun?

That’s why I love the concept of gamifying education. When you are able to take a skill or a lesson and turn it into an activity or game that your child WANTS to do, you’re doing something amazing. This is where the LeapStart®Preschool Success comes in! The LeapStart® Preschool Success engages children in a fun and interactive way. It helps young learners with reading, counting, problem solving and more to help make developing these skills an even more exciting experience.

Always look for ways that you can make learning or practicing a skill into something fun your child can do.

Incorporate Different Learning Styles

Another important thing to consider is that we all learn in different ways. Some kids can pick things up just by listening to you explain something. Some have to see you model a skill before they understand what to do while others need a more hands-on experience. Have fun figuring out your child’s natural learning style by introducing and practicing skills in a variety of different formats.

Play games. Sing songs. Put together puzzles. Watch videos. Read books. Break out the arts and crafts supplies. Print out fun worksheets. As you try different things, you’ll likely find that your child is more engaged or retains information better with certain approaches. Once you figure out exactly how your child learns best, you can use that knowledge to plan your lessons. The LeapStart® Preschool Success offers many ways for children to learn. They can pick up the stylus and start tapping away on words and pictures, immediately immersing themselves into a world of learning adventures! It also offers books and audio to help reinforce concepts and take learning to a whole new level!

Get Creative

Have you ever worked at a job that was so tedious and monotonous that you dreaded going to work every day?

That’s not what we ever want our kids to experience when they’re learning!

That’s why I like to mix things up by getting creative with my lessons. At this point, we’ve been homeschooling for several years, so we do have a routine. But I still try my best to be creative when planning my son’s lessons.

You might be surprised by the kind of inspiration you can find when you just look around at what you have in your house.

Suddenly, your kitchen isn’t just a kitchen - it’s a laboratory where your child can learn how to count, pour, and stir (not to mention practice waiting and following instructions).

Your backyard isn’t just a place to hang out - it’s a place where your child can identify shapes, look out for birds and insects, point out a world of colors, and practice all kinds of gross motor skills.

Your child’s bedroom isn’t just where he or she goes to take naps - it’s also a place where he or she can practice sorting, stacking, coloring, drawing, reading, and so much more.

Focus on the Basic Preschool Skills

Last, but not least, don’t stress out about whether your preschooler is learning “all the things”. Stay focused on the basics. Here is a list to serve as a quick guide.

Basic Preschool Skills

Numbers & Counting

Nothing too fancy here! Learning to count to 10 or even 20 will give your child a great start when it comes to mathematical foundations.


Of course, learning the letters of the alphabet is another great preschool skill. (The joy that kids have when they nail the ABC song is the best!)


With a world of inspiration, teaching colors is something you can do literally anywhere - at any time.

Imaginative Play

From storytelling and role-playing to arts and crafts, there’s opportunities for imaginative play all around you.

Cooperative Play

Whether it’s playing hide and seek, building something together, or playing a fun board game, cooperative play can teach kids all about following rules, taking turns, and being a good sport.

Fine Motor Skills

This includes skills like picking things up, writing, drawing, coloring, and so many more hands-on activities.

Gross Motor Skills

This includes things like running, jumping, kicking, and climbing. We love to spend time outdoors every day so we can run around and get some fresh air.

However you choose to approach teaching the basic preschool skills, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the journey. Celebrate your child’s progress. Marvel at how they learn and grow. It’s really an amazing process to witness!


Jenny is the founder and CEO of The Relaxed Homeschool. She lives in Texas with her husband and their 10-year-old son. Jenny has spent over 6 years cheering on parents and offering support to homeschooling families nationwide. She is the author and creator of many homeschool curriculums found on her website.


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