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Keeping Kids Engaged at Home

Tips and ideas for keeping your kids’ minds engaged and learning while at home

Balancing the work you need to do at home and keeping your kids engaged and actively learning can be a challenge. So the Learning Team at LeapFrog has compiled a list of resources to make learning at home fun. These resources are especially useful for those unexpected stay-at-home days.

There are plenty of websites and resources online for fun activities, printable worksheets, learning videos, and educational podcasts to tap into your child’s interests – and many of them are free! The Learning Team at LeapFrog has curated a list of websites that will keep your kids learning while you are busy with other tasks!

The LeapFrog Learning Path offers a wide collection of articles, activities, printables, tips, and discussions on all things learning--from math activities at home, to how to inspire your child to read and write. Check out our Monster Carnival activity books that you can download and print for free. Each book includes over 20 pages of activities to explore reading skills, math, science, and more.

Structure and organization can go a long way to keep your kids engaged and motivated. Creating a simple daily schedule gives your kids a sense of what to look forward to at home each day. Make sure to mix up the day with dedicated sit-down learning moments as well as active play and free exploration. Use the Daily Schedule as an inspiration to create one that works for your family.


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