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LeapFrog Products for the Classroom

As a teacher and a mom, I have trusted the LeapFrog® brand for years. I have used LeapFrog® products at home with my own kids as well as in the classroom with my kindergarten students. What I love about LeapFrog® is that their learning tools are both educational AND entertaining - a winning combination with my kindergarteners! In this post, I will tell you more about how teachers can use LeapFrog® products in the classroom to reinforce important skills and entertain young learners at the same time.

LeapFrog® Learning Tools for Teachers

LeapFrog® has so many wonderful products and resources to support emerging readers and mathematicians. Three of my top picks for teachers to use in the classroom include the LeapFrog® LeapPad® Academy, the LeapFrog® LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™, and the LeapFrog® LeapReader® Learn-to-Read 10-Book Mega Pack™. Let's dive in and discuss the features and benefits of using each of these products with your students...

The LeapFrog® LeapPad® Academy is a kid-friendly tablet that includes 20 educator-approved apps. The apps focus on building early literacy and math skills while exploring creativity. Additional features include a Word of the Day that expands vocabulary and the Art Studio Ultra that brings a child's masterpieces to life! Teachers can set time limits and expand content if they wish.

And as an added bonus, the LeapPad® Academy includes a three-month free trial of LeapFrog® Academy™This is an amazing interactive learning platform that guides children on learning adventures across more than 2,000 games and activities. I love that differentiated versions are available for all levels. Students may select an easier level when they are just beginning to work on a skill. If higher level students crave a challenge, there's an option for a more advanced version as well.

The LeapFrog® LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™ is designed to grow with children. The touch-and-talk pages provide an interactive and hands-on experience for kids as they navigate through the activities, which include a variety of games, puzzles, and creative challenges. The Go! Go! Cory Carson® Cory Carson Superhero School™ book, based on the popular animated series, and an additional activity book are included.

Each LeapStart® book includes over 30 activities that support preschool through first grade students. As with the LeapPad®, students have the option of playing and learning at just the right level. The attached stylus is comfortable and is designed to promote the proper writing grip.

I cannot say enough about the LeapReader® Learn-to-Read 10-Book Mega Pack™. This educational tool is perfect for my kindergarteners, who are just beginning to emerge as readers. Ten books containing a combination of sight words and decodable text are included to help students progress as they are ready. Children touch the stylus to the book icon to hear the story aloud. The lively character voices bring the stories to life.

Students may also use the stylus to touch and hear each individual word. Different mode options allow students to have the words read, sounded out, or spelled. Words highlighted in yellow appear in the books to emphasize vowel teams or words that contain irregular spelling patterns.

The collection of books promotes a love of reading through book companion activities and phonics games that reinforce concepts.

Teacher Tips for Using LeapFrog® Products in the Classroom

Now that I've introduced you to my LeapFrog® favorites, let's talk about putting the products into action and what that looks like in the classroom. The possibilities are endless for implementing LeapFrog® learning tools into your daily routines. Here are some ideas for how all three products could be used to support and entertain students:

Learning Centers

Learning Centers would be a wonderful way to integrate the LeapFrog® technology into your curriculum. Teachers could set up stations around their rooms with the different LeapFrog® devices and allow students to rotate through the activities.

Independent Work

One of the benefits of these LeapFrog® products is that they allow children to work on literacy and math skills independently. Teachers could assign each student a time throughout the week to have independent time using the LeapFrog® learning tool of their choice.

Enrichment & Differentiation

One of the biggest struggles early education teachers face is keeping all students challenged. For example, some of my students enter kindergarten still learning to identify the letters of the alphabet while others are reading above grade level. Teachers are constantly searching for ways to reach all their students by meeting them where they are. LeapFrog® can help! Many of the games and activities provide differentiated options for all skill levels.

LeapFrog® as a Reward Incentive

Another idea is to use the LeapFrog® learning systems as a reward incentive. In my classroom, students earn tickets for positive behavior. At the end of the week, I draw six tickets and the winners get to choose an activity pass. This year, I'll be adding a LeapFrog® pass that students can cash in for 15 minutes on the LeapFrog® device of their choice!

I hope this post has inspired you to give LeapFrog® products a try in your own classroom. The LeapFrog®LeapPad® Academy, the LeapFrog® LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™, and the LeapFrog®LeapReader® Learn-to-Read 10-Book Mega Pack™ are guaranteed to make learning fun, engaging, and entertaining for all your students.

Casey Stewart has taught kindergarten for 16 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is also a wife, mom of three, curriculum designer, children's book author, and blogger. She founded Kindergarten Korner to help fellow educators, parents, and home-schooling families guide children through the magical kindergarten journey. Check out her BLOG for more teacher inspiration!


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