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My Favorite Holiday Gifts For Kids

The holiday season is upon us, so my three kids have already started making their wishlists and I’ve been checking them twice, trying to see which items on their lists will be used and enjoyed for years to come.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is helping other parents find and discover the perfect gifts for their children. Gifts that will not only bring a smile to kids’ faces, but ones that will help them learn and expand their creativity and imaginations. After creating holiday gift guides over the past seven years, it is safe to say, I have tested and researched quite a few toys!

With my three children spanning in age from 2-7, I’m also always on the hunt for gifts that can be adapted to different ages. We’ve spent the last month testing some new and old favorites from LeapFrog®. Now I’m spilling the beans on the best LeapFrog® gifts for every kid in your life.

For The Scientist

What we love about it: It is a real working microscope, but also an incredible learning tool with preloaded BBC videos and images. The videos are activated by sliding smart slides under the microscope. My 7-year-old loves that he can capture and save images of his own discoveries to show the whole family. It magnifies 50-200%, which makes looking at leaves, blades of grass or flower petals extra fascinating.

For The Budding Artist

What we love about it: This easel is more than just a blank canvas for doodling; it is an encyclopedia of activities for your kids. Our favorite parts of the easel are the shape magnets it comes with and the drawing tutorials in the touch-sensitive book. The attached book guides you through creating different objects and creatures with the magnets. This is one of those gifts that all three of my kids have loved. One side is a chalkboard, and one side is a whiteboard. It even includes a set of alphabet letter magnets, so your little ones can hear the letter names and sounds in the interactive letter learner and then create words on the easel with the letters.

For The Little Dancer

What we love about it: Ease of use! This is one of those tech toys that you can unbox, and it is ready to use! There’s no downloads or set-up required–it’s pre-loaded with hours of audio experiences that are easy to navigate. My kids love the music challenges on it–especially the freeze dance song! I’m also a big fan of the kid-friendly relaxation and mindfulness activities on it. This product is perfect for quiet time or helping my kids settle in for bedtime. The LeapFrog® LeapPods Max™ are like having your own private silent disco within arms reach at all times!

For The Adventurer

What we love about it: This interactive globe opens your little one’s eyes to other cultures and places. When we watch a movie, read a book, or see pictures of a different country, it is neat for my kids to be able to tap the country on their Magic Adventures Globe™ with the stylus and learn more about that country. It is loaded with interactive games and videos about different cultures, people, inventions, geographies, and more.

For The Dreamer

What we love about it: This smart stuffed animal is not only soft and squishy, but it is customizable! When you set it up, you can program it to say your little one’s name and learn some of their favorite things–like their favorite color and food. It even says hi to my little girl when she turns it on, and her face lights up! We also love the interactive paws that you can press. Not to mention, the 5-minute bedtime lullabies are a favorite in this house.

For The Book Lover

What we love about it: We love the diverse ways you can use this interactive learning device. It has touch-and-talk activities and pages that guide your little one through learning and exploring new concepts. There are books that you can add on featuring some of your little one’s favorite characters that help introduce them to reading skills and letter recognition. Best of all, it’s sturdy and easy for your little ones to carry. It makes for a great toy to bring on the go!

For Your Mini Me

What we love about it: There is nothing sweeter than watching your little one learn to imitate the things you do. There’s a reason this Clean Sweep Learning Caddy™ was a Toy of the Year finalist! It comes with five different cleaning tools, an easy-to-carry bucket, and the biggest highlight for my 2-year-old–a foot pedal that makes the bucket spin while making water sounds. It’s the little details that make this a fun experience for kids. It has three different modes where you can switch from fun songs about cleaning, to games, to pretend. This toy is sure to teach them lifelong skills that will help around the house in the near future!

LeapFrog® has the perfect toy for everyone on your list this year. There’s a reason that parents (and kids!) love giving and receiving LeapFrog® toys. The way LeapFrog® meshes learning, playing, and technology is sure to bring a big smile, and often some giggles, to your little one’s face.

Mandy Roberson is a certified childbirth educator, mom of 3 and founder of Momma Society--the community for modern moms. She loves holidays and making memories with her children. In her free time, you will find her crafting and creating fun printables for Magic Playbook--a monthly digital subscription for moms.


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