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Summer Learning

Summer is in full swing! We’ve got a bucket list full of fun adventures for our family and we’ve already knocked a few of them off! While summer is a time for family adventures, we also want to ensure that all the skills developed through the school year stay fresh in our kids’ minds.

Emmy and Nora have both made so much progress over the past few months when it comes to letter recognition, letter sounds, sight words, problem-solving and so much more. I wanted to find a fun way to maintain those critical skills while we take a break from the classroom this summer. Luckily, LeapFrog® has a ton of options for educational products that have kept our girls learning while having fun this summer. Here’s a look at the LeapFrog® activities we’ve been enjoying the most!

On-The-Go Learning with the

LeapFrog LeapStart Preschool Success

The LeapFrog® LeapStart® Preschool Success is my go-to for road trips. The LeapStart® Preschool Success is an interactive, touch-and-talk style activity. There are over 25 LeapStart® books to choose from and they come in a variety of subjects categorized by level (preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten). The activities in each book include educational games, problem-solving puzzles, learn-to-read activities, and a ton more! It does not require Wi-Fi to play (however, you will need it to add new books) and runs off of batteries, so no need to worry about being stuck with a low battery in the middle of a trip. I can easily switch out the activity books after the girls complete one to keep them entertained with educational fun for hours.

Independent Reading Practice

with the LeapReader® Learn to Read Bundle

The LeapReader® Learn to Read Bundle is one of Emmy’s favorites! It includes an interactive pen that sounds out the letters of the words in the book as you touch it to the page. You also have the option for the pen to simply say the whole word as you touch it or spell the word out. Another fun part of the LeapReader® Learn to Read Bundle is that as you touch the pen to the photos in the book, the characters speak and add more details to the story. All of these stories contain simple words and help build her core phonics skills. Emmy loves that she can independently sit and read a story on her own. You also have the option to download books onto the pen and listen to them on-the-go as audiobooks!

The Best Tablet for Toddlers:

The LeapFrog LeapPad Academy

The last of the interactive activities in our LeapFrog® lineup is the LeapPad® Academy. The LeapPad® Academy is a 7-inch Android-powered tablet that comes with 20 educational apps already installed with another 750 available to download.

It also comes with a three-month trial to LeapFrog Academy®, an interactive app that automatically responds as your child plays. We created individual profiles for both Emmy and Nora and set their ages in order to personalize their learning experience. Within LeapFrog® Academy they each have their own learning path and activities are categorized into key areas. I am also able to access a Parent Dashboard that shows me which skills each girl has practiced.

We’ve taken our LeapFrog® learning activities on so many adventures with us this summer. We love that the girls are having fun while continuing to learn and develop key skills. I’m sure that the LeapFrog® activities will be a staple in our household long after the summer is over.


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